Woxy’s 2005 Modern Rock 500 revisited


I’ve been listening to Woxy a lot lately. Not only do they play awesome music but also have a great site – content, design and execution wise.

They also publish a list of the top 500 Modern Rock songs. The list is cool on it’s own but only displays as a list of 500 songs. But how many different bands are on that list? Different albums? How many songs by Nirvana? How many from Dookie made the cut? The list doesn’t tell this without going through line by line to tally it for yourself. Given the portability of well formed XHTML, I decided to see if I could reorganize the list to show it’s different qualities.

My first thought was to crawl through the DOM with Javascript. That worked for the first 100 songs or so, but then the string got too long for the GET request to pass to PHP for processing. That lead to a pure PHP solution.

Using the source from the Woxy page, I created an XML document from their song table. Once again well structured XHTML saved a lot of work. That XML file gets read into the PHP script and is processed with PHP’s DOM methods to reorder and group the list into the number of songs per band and the number of songs per album that made the list.

The results? Those 500 songs were written by only 281 bands and come from 408 albums. See how bands stack up. They are highlighted for a quick look at the Number One, Top Three, Top Five and Top Ten groupings.

One thing I’ve considered working out was a way to weight each song based on it’s rank in Woxy’s list to create a better visual of each band/album ranking. For example, Talking Heads has nine songs on the list while Nirvana only has seven, but maybe all of Nirvana’s are higher in the original list than Talking Heads. Rock.


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    Wow. You are crazy, but I like that.

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