Pear, where are you?


Seriously. They hate me. Even better, earlier today this site was getting the WordPress database connect error again.

When I redid the Escape site I considered dropping Pear but in the end went with it to avoid rewriting a bunch of functions and queries. Maybe I should have sucked it up and rewrote even more than I did.


  1. hotspur 20051105

    this has bothered me for a few days now…what is Pear? i know we’re not talking about the fruit, but some crazy computer program probably originally designed to make programmers’ lives easier that’s probably already outdated by Pear version 1.2 Beta blah blah blah. but the important question is who comes up with the crappy names of the programs? Pear. Pear! Pear? is it related to Apple? speaking of apple…why do computer people dig fruity names? it’s driving me nuts. i’m now going insane, similiar to when i think about car companies that share names with planets. booo.

  2. waytoocrowded 20051105

    Pear is an acronym for PHP Extension and Application Repository. Yes, this means it should should technically be in all capital letters, but that’s no fun. And yes, it is meant to make some tasks quicker. No, Apple has nothing to do with it. I hope that helps calm your insanity, at least a touch maybe…

  3. hotspur 20051105

    mmm, not much. see, since my first post i’ve gotten myself caught up in thinking about cars with planet names. Saturn and Mercury and…i feel like i’m forgetting one…but i refuse to search internerd or page through magazines as that would be cheating.

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