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On November 1st of any given year, a monthly newsletter found in my inbox should have a subject of October Newsletter or November Newsletter?


  1. hotspur 20051102

    i would say november. but i guess some people may argue that if it’s reviewing stats and events from october it should be an october newsletter no matter when it’s sent. i prefer to date/name newsletters by when they are issued regardless of the content. personally, if i made a newsletter to send out reviewing Oct. events i would call it the Nov. newsletter and say “looking back to events from last month…”. yup i really am bored enough to really think about this issue.

  2. waytoocrowded 20051102

    Word. That’s why I was confused when I got an October newsletter yesterday. The Sunday paper doesn’t talk about news that happened Sunday, it actually arrives Sunday, long before news for the day even happens.

  3. matches 20051103

    I honestly didn’t even notice until you said something.

    Ha… “newslettery”

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