Give me more Drag-and-Drop


A while ago I mentioned I’m used to copy and paste. I’m also down for the drag-and-drop, something Windows is only slowly warming up to.

I get used to dragging anything – images, text, programs, files, etc. – anywhere – desktop, applications, directories, etc. – at work while using OS X only to come home to Windows and not even be able to reorder the buttons for open applications in my taskbar. For example, whenever I’m working on a website I like my applications to be in a specific order in the taskbar: Photoshop, a text editor, Firefox and IE. So if I do a bit of Internerd surfin’ before working on a web project, I need to close Firefox, launch the other programs and then relaunch Firefox. Or, if I initially think it’s just going to be a bit of coding and no image manipulation and don’t bother to launch Photoshop from the start, if I later need to adjust an image size or color, to get my optimal taskbar configuration, I end up closing three apps, launching Photoshop and then relaunching the others. Genius… Why won’t it just let me reorder them?

The current version of Firefox also suffers from the lack of drag-and-drop in its tabs by default, but that’s an easy fix with the miniT extension and is apparently resolved in the next release. I don’t remember offhand if Safari allows dragging tabs around, but I’m betting it does.

I’m not anti-Windows or pro-Apple or anything. I dig both OS’s for differing reasons. And hate them both for differing reasons. However, the more I work on OS X the more I see myself making it my number one OS.


  1. matches 20051031

    Apple’s dead sexy hardware is so easy to love for aesthetics alone (aside from the all-important card-reader omission). But where they really excel is in giving you some wicked great software to run on your pretty new toys, and most of the time giving it to you at an accessible price point.

  2. waytoocrowded 20051031

    You make it sound like Apple is the only provider of “dead sexy hardware” and accessible software.

  3. matches 20051031

    I think they are the only provider of both simultaneously. Unless I’m forgetting somebody?

  4. waytoocrowded 20051101

    They may be the only one that provides both, but not necessarily the best combination of hardware and software. That “best combination” being a matter of preference. Remember this post?

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