Things to do (that may never get done)

  1. Redesign. Or actually design
  2. Search and/or usable archives
  3. Integrate photo posts into WordPress
  4. Comment preview
  5. Portfolio section
  6. Determine purpose of site/content
  7. Tell people site exists
  8. Remember all the other things I said I needed to do but already forgot about


  1. jb 20051027

    i’ve got one for myself: 1. send paul flash/flash slave……..

  2. matches 20051028

    Just remember, good designers redesign, great designers realign.

    It always scares me when you or anybody starts talking about refreshing / updating because of that latent competitive instinct – if one person redesign, then I have to redesign so I don’t feel left behind. I must resist, but can you add me to #7?

  3. waytoocrowded 20051028

    Yeah, I saw that article. It’s not redesign vs realign to me, it’s having a reason for whichever you choose in the first place. And since I never put any thought into this dawg in the beginning, now might be a good time…

    And get on that jb, would you?

  4. matches 20051029

    My reason: I was sick of how it looked. The reason before that: sick of how it looked. The reason before that: sick of how it looked + WordPress.


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