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On signing out of one of my web based email accounts, I got this message. Again, this was on the log out page. As in the page users see when they are finished accessing their account, having presumably read their email. Seems the message would have been a lot more useful on the log in page to warn users about the scams before reading and possibly responding to the culprits.

The only reason I can see for putting the message on the log out page is that only people with active accounts will see it. Meaning potential members would never hear about the scandalous emails invading the system. The log in page is also an access point for newcomers to get an account – the usual “Not a member? Sign up now!” Maybe they’d be turned away by this scam report and want to find some other company that would give them a warmer, fuzzier feeling.

I say the opposite. The warning up front is a good. Current users know about potential junk in their mail before reading it and newcomers know that My Way is a company that tries its best to look out for you.

And no, no scams in my email.


  1. matches 20051026

    Couldn’t they have thrown in either a) some sort of bridge page that you see after logging in so it’s not sitting all big and ugly on the login page or b) just a note at the top of the first page you’d see after logging in? Seems like that would make everyone happy.

  2. waytoocrowded 20051029

    Those would definitely be more useful than on the log out page, but I think I would still prefer it on the login page as that seems the least obtrusive. An intermediate page that makes it take one step longer to get to my email would be annoying. And since the first page I see after logging in is the inbox, I don’t think I’d want it there either as I’d end up seeing in several times in every visit.

    Replying to comments three days later is the new black.


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