Posting stuff on this site has made me a bit more critical of web content in general. It makes me take notice to all the content that is really just wasting my time and scares me into thinking if I were on the outside looking in on this site, I’d find it to be a wasted read as well.

So if eight million sites post about some new product or event or philosophy, what’s the point of the next eight million sites posting the same “news”? If it’s an editorial thing and they have a new interpretation, great, but if there is nothing to add, I really don’t need another briefing in my RSS reader.

Which has lead me to begin quite a few posts only to abort them half way through. Or even after completion. Murder! Editing a majority of your words away is healthy. Just don’t think it will stop me in the future.


  1. matches 20051021

    Yah, somewheres I read that to really write effectively you just write as much as you can on your first draft and edit it down. Too bad I just end up posting my first drafts.

  2. waytoocrowded 20051022

    Too bad I edit it down to nothing.

  3. matches 20051022

    But it makes us treasure what you so post that much more.

    Also, and I’m still trying to figure this out on mine, do you want to be a news article site or a blog? Because blogs are obviously way more personal, and because of that they are all distinctive through their design and content no matter how many there are. Yes?

  4. waytoocrowded 20051022

    I think that’s why so many things don’t get published. I think there’s a space in between being a news site (that’s better left to the big dawgs) and being a personal site (that’s better left to Live Journal, and we all know how I feel about LJ). I’m still at that point I was way back when as far as the “what is this site?” question goes.

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