Have you been outside lately? Maybe played fetch with the dog? Ollied a curb cut?


  1. jbucki 20051018

    i’ve been outside the last two days doing frontside airs. thanks for the rippin link. tuning in right now…

  2. matches 20051018

    I like that site. I looked at cars (outside) yesterday. I looked at cars (outside) on Sunday, and on Saturday, I ah, oh yeah, looked at cars (outside).

    YEEEEEha (outside)!

  3. country 20060912

    Now this is no surprise to anyone that knows me at least a little, but my time outside is rare an brief at that. majority of my time is spent within the walls of my apartment. i’ll go for days without setting a foot outside my door and if i do the corner store is only a block away, on the corner. is this healthy? im never able to come to a conclusion in my mind as to if i really dont mind my lack of interaction with the outside or if im in denial because its easier to stay confined than deal with anxiety and outsiders. I ask myself, “am i really missing anything? if so, what?” i was changed forever when i discovered how much fun I could have in my head, alone and indoors, there was a party upstairs for sure. and within my apt #105 there are multiple rooms, if i need a change of scenery its not far away, maybe in the kitchen or across the hall. lets discuss

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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