What ever happened to it’s best to do one thing really really well?

Google isn’t the only place I’ve heard it – theirs is just the result of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. I remember hearing it regrading the design of many different things. Have we done everything at it’s best that now it is time to start mixing them all together? Or are we now stripping the features of all the tools that do one thing best and make them do several things just good enough in order to redefine that “one” thing? Is that jibberish (yeah, I prefer it with a “j”?

Seems everyday another app pops up blending features of several others that complete just single task. And with all the social networking, what would a new online app be without it? I use Bloglines to read all the RSS feeds I’m subscribed to. I use it to do just that: read posts. I recently learned of Rojo which is takes the RSS reading and makes it even more time consuming by having you talk to your friends in the process. Or something like that. I haven’t looked at Google Reader much yet but I understand it has some additional integration with other Google apps as well.

Then there is the Quicktime 7. I like the Quicktime Player as a video player for online content and it does an excellent job at that. That is all. Meaning I don’t want iTunes to organize and play my music for me. Windows Explorer organizes my music just fine and Media Player does a great job of playing it. If I wanted a music player I would not be at the Quicktime download page in the first place. Why is the standalone buried in the fine print?

Flock. It’s a new browser. Or rather, will be a new browser. Apparently it does a lot more than just show you web pages. Maybe I’ll think differently once I try it, but it seems like it’ll remind me of all those extra toolbars and quicklinks that I have to turn off in the defaults of most browsers. I use web pages in my browser window, not the browser itself.

Boundaries are blurring. I guess I’m slow to get used to it. Maybe the combining of tasks does make for doing a new one best thing, but it seems like it would also make for more difficulties in customizing your own process. My combined best route is surely different than yours. At the same time, working within a combination of various tasks may lead in directions making it better after all. How blissful.

Hmmm… I just reread that and am not sure so it says what I was getting at. Regardless, I will hit the publish button and maybe attempt to clarify later.

Also, on an RSS note, ES CA PE has a feed. Have it.


  1. matches 20051010

    I think I know what you’re getting at and there are plenty of examples everywhere you look. It kind of goes along with that thing I wrote that one time.

    I think that people either add this kind of thing to jump on a particular bandwagon (like your social networking example) or to say “our thing is better than their thing because it does more things” when you don’t want more things done by one thing. Case in point: the iPod. Sure, it can view photos and inevitably video, but it was wildly popular long before that because, first and foremost, it played music and played it well.

  2. jbucki 20051010

    this kind of goes with all things in life. seems like the most successful people/businesses do juat a few things but do them very well. i also find that my favorite skateboarders follow this path. i don’t think i’ve seen Nate Jones do more than 10-15 different tricks, but the way he does those tricks makes you not really care if he can do anything else. same goes for Reese Forbes. the dude just ollies over things and you don’t hear anyone complaining. iPod, Nate Jones, and plain colored pocket t-shirts: simple, proper, and easy on the eyes.

  3. waytoocrowded 20051011

    What about “web professionals”? Seems these days you are nothing if you’re not down for at least four acronyms/initialisms, plus be a designer. Kinda breaks the rule of doing one thing really well but at the same time with web stuff it takes the knowledge of various components in order to create a successful product or to easily work with/understand other members of the team.

    As for pocket tees, best evgnar, but why are the charcoal ones so hard to find in stores?

  4. jbucki 20051011

    cuz i bought them all.

  5. matches 20051011

    I was going to direct you to Old Navy for the pocket tees, but they just directed me to themselves. Over, and over, and over…

    Wait, don’t you know AJAX, CSS, JS, PHP, HTML, XML, RSS, ATOM, DOM, and all that carp? Cause I don’t.

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