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As much evil as the word marketing can connote, I’m always interested in seeing new approaches online. Here are a few I saw recently.

Virgin Atlantic Boarding Pass Sweepstakes | The advertisement
A recent ad in several magazines including Newsweek consisted of a two-page black and white photo spread depicting a sleeping passenger and a “Boarding Pass” insert. The pass directed you to their website where you could presumably enter the number and see if you won. It seemed better than all those soda sweepstakes where you enter the code under the top because you actually had a boarding pass like object in your hand. The experience was there encompassing their slick “jetrosexual” brand. But then the site asked for name and email address and all that junk and didn’t even tell me if I am a winner or not. I’m not sure how I find out if I won or when I will find out. Is this thing actually a drawing and my pass number doesn’t mean anything?
Serenity movie stream
The movie is in theaters now and doing well I think but to give it an extra boost Universal is streaming the first nine minutes online. And at high quality, full screen no less. Quite honestly I didn’t even realize there was the capability to stream video of this quality. I’m not sure I am any more interested in seeing the movie now than I was before finding this (at which point I had never heard of the movie), but it is definitely a concept I’d like to see more of.
TAG Heuer Web Design Competition
A commenter (with many aliases) on this very site pointed me to this one. TAG Heuer want you to build a website and promote it and in exchange the will give you a really expensive watch if you do really good. Design contests are nothing new but this one asks you to actually promote your design as well – it is basically asking you to make a TAG Heuer fansite. Apparently blogging about the things you like isn’t enough anymore. If it was just the build part I’d maybe give it a go, but since I can’t say I even like the brand, I’m not about to spend time promoting it. Which makes me wonder, how big a field will this contest really attract? And what happens when some contestant builds a site that does better than TAG Heuer’s site in the SERPs and which TAG Heuer doesn’t have control of? I hope to remember to follow up on the results.

On another Internerd trend note, more of that font, this time in all lowercase.


  1. matches 20051008

    Every time Virgin is brought up nowadays I can’t help but think of this commercial for their wireless service.

  2. hotspur 20051008

    mmm, TAG Heuer vs. Maurice LaCroix? it’s a tough choice. basically it’s the brand that sponsors McLaren F1 vs. the brand that sponsors Roger Federer. Or maybe Citizen? Rolex? I like expensive watches.

  3. matches 20051009

    I’m going to get laughed off the face of the earth, but I rather like both Diesel and Nixon. They’re not the players that the other brands are, but they’ve got some interesting designs and I could actually afford one (if I wore a watch at all).

  4. hotspur 20051009

    I do like Nixon. Actually, I wear a Nixon…the Don, silver face. But I do like the expensive brands and if I had a surplus of money waiting to be spent I’d get a TAG Heuer or Maurice LaCroix.

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