Snowboard video premiers and rock n roll


Dwellers premiered their snowboard video, Roots, tonight. It was a neat event because unlike cities and resort towns, there really aren’t any premieres around here. Being that this was the one event in the area, every brand interested in supporting the scene had their reps there rather than the usual smattering of a couple at one event, a couple at the next, then some more at another. Plenty of stickers, catalogs, tees and hats bouncing off the low ceiling and into screaming high schoolers’ hands.* And some nice giveaways: board, boots, bindings and one of those little music players the kids were talking about a couple months ago. So the excitement was definitely there.

About the video. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy there is a shop like Dwellers in town doing there damnedest to make stuff happen, but… I never expect a shop video to be as polished as the big dawgs or have the hammers, but I at least expect the riding to be above the level of the average park rat and the filming/production to be on par with the thousands of others making their own movies. Roots missed both those points. Maybe it was the kids yelling and standing up in front of me to see over trucker hats that made it just seem that way. There were some decent tricks, but nothing that I even remember. I’ve seen some of the riders in the park before and for whatever reason it seems their talents didn’t get captured on screen very well. It is more of a video made for themselves and the locals who know the riders than anything else, which is probably the point of a lot of shop videos. I was surprised to see the variety of terrain locations though.

They also played Bald E-Gal’s Tackle Box and Oakley’s The Community Project, two completely different – in a good way – videos. Nice to see.

And if that wasn’t enough of a party for these parts, they brought in two bands from Madison to rock for the kids and those at the bar. Vanishing Kids are, as their meta tag describes them, “indie rock new wave post punk”. A bit too arty for this crowd/mood, but they put on an excellent show. As a bonus, their current release is available streaming on their site and it is done right – you have to click to start the player!

I remember hearing Seven One Five a while ago online. They are angry punk rockers/propagandists. Beer in one fist, mic in the other, their singer was exactly what the hesh dawgs at the bar and the punk kids on the floor wanted. Their set seemed to end abruptly with the singer in confusion as to why the others were packing up. The entire set the band seemed to cut off his between song banter to get the show moving.

It was a nice time. Again, I’m glad Dwellers was able to put it together and I hope no one was injured in all the bro-down drunken wrestling.

* And mine. Thanks Nitro for the beanie with a brim. Some instructions on the proper visor angle would have been appreciated though as I don’t want to show up at the park with it turned too much or not far enough. All the other shreds will laugh me right out of there.


  1. matches 20051008

    Wow, that sounds like some big city magic right there. Dwellers really does seem to be doing what they can, and they should since there’s nobody else around.

    As for your beanie problem, you should probably just google it or maybe check their site for lifestyles, that way you can be sure not to end up the laughingstock of the slopes.

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