Matches titled a link “Jealous?” the other day. Apparently the people behind the Breckenridge website are. They have a form/navigation widget done up in Flash on their site. Not only does it contrast the style of the HTML form below it, but even the elements within that particular nav are inconsistent. Rather than giving the drop down menu the same hard-edged pixel treatment as the buttons, it appears to be pulled straight from the Safari interface.

I’m all for styled forms. I’m just more for consistency. If you are going to use the style of a browser’s default form element, which is arguably more user friendly as people are familiar with it, why use that of a browser only a small percentage of people use?

Oh right – cause it is way more sexy.


  1. matches 20051007

    It also seems misleading because for those of us who use Safari always, you expect a certain behavior when you click on that menu. And what happens when you click on that menu is not the behavior I expected. What was the point of making it in Flash?

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