I’ll turn it on


Unless your website is for your rock band, do not make the audio play as soon as the homepage loads. Seriously. I’ll turn your background tunes on if I feel like it. I promise. But I should never be required to turn it off after it interrupts my own audio. And even if your website is for your rock band, think good and hard about it before making your hit single play immediately. I understand some sites are very immersive and the immediate audio is a nice touch to the experience. These are the exception.

Flash has a decent set of audio features – heck, it can be used to record stuff from a user’s microphone. Javascript can do some neat things. Maybe there is a way to detect if a user’s audio card is already at work doing something before initiated more audio? Even if it is doing something not related to the web?


  1. matches 20051002

    That’s a good idea. I was going to say that I didn’t mind as much when the music was more subtle, but then I realized I did mind.

Too bad it still rings

Too bad it still rings. 1 comment.

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