The other day dabootski mentioned seeing more snowboarders not grabbing their boards and more skateboards grabbing them. It’s like the roles are reversing. Skateboarders are also spinning more and snowboarders are doing more 180s. It’s dope. It is so much fun. It is just like the old days!

It seems everyone wants to prove how they are having more fun than the next guy. Poking an indy down eight stairs on your skateboard or doing a shifty over that 60 foot table on your snowboard seem to be just the proof. “Look at that guy! He’s a sick shred and he is having fun!”

Then you have the long time pro shreds getting custom boards made to stick it the seriousness of the industry. Yeah, I know, I’m just jealous. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun.


  1. matches 20051001

    What about this? Is this fun?

    I wish I wasn’t old. I would snowboard.

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