If only it was indexable


So sick. Nothing better than seeing videos in the “pages” of a magazine. Most times the conversion of a print magazine/catalog/liner notes/etc does nothing other than take some resolution away. I haven’t seen the print version of Future but I’m pretty confident it’s not nearly as much fun as the online one which is chock full of goodness that can’t be delivered via magazine rack – which makes me wonder if I should be paying for it.

It would be interesting to see the entire thing done up without being contained in a big Flash movie. Not only would the differences in file sizes make some fun statistics but it is just as content rich as it is eye candy rich yet none of the search engines can touch that content. And I wouldn’t be able to print that content very well. Or copy and paste it. Is that part of the point? Do they not want people to be able to easily transport it into another application? Is embedding content in a Flash movie a primitive DRM?

Somewhat almost related, more of that font. And with it, more of the usual (disappointing) web flavor from my dawgs in Seattle. But there’s a blog with RSS this year!


  1. matches 20050928

    It must be cool, it’s got the (mt) at the bottom. I wish I was that cool, stupid DreamHost.

  2. jbucki 20050928

    did snowboarders stop grabbing their boards all the time? i kinda always wondered if they would start doing that. funny how when i pick up a skate mag i see more grabs than ever, and then i see a snowboard clip and from the looks of it, snowboarders stopped grabbing so much.

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