Please, block my emails


ES CA PE has an email list affectionately known as the Escapees. In celebration of the new site and new eperils a quick email was sent out to our monstrous list. I’m on that list. Twice. And one of my emails ended up in the bulk mail folder for some unknown reason. Previous emails from ES CA PE didn’t. A few test emails I sent out later didn’t. Just the one talking about the new site and new eperil. No talk of sex or drugs or free or dirty words. I talked about nonspam being blocked before and my frustrations with figuring out why. That time a couple tests revealed the issue, this time I’m still clueless. More reading…


  1. majafa 20050928

    i just saw the email and just thinking…maybe it’s because there was a link in the email. Or the other possibility may be the spacing used. one sentence, press the enter key 5-6 times write another sentence. press enter some more and then another sentence. those are the only differences i noticed from the regular entertaining Escapeeeeee mailers.

  2. waytoocrowded 20050928

    Nope. And I still don’t know.

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