The new ES CA PE Eperil


The new ES CA PE Eperil

So important it actually warrants an image in the post.

The new ES CA PE Eperil launched tonight after a bit of grief. Seems no matter how much planning and testing, there’s still one more thing to learn. Anyway, the site is something I’ve had on my mind for a long time – all year even. I worked on it every now and then but always ended up scrapping the ideas I came up with, much to several people’s dismay. Because it is a site that I can basically do whatever I want with, I always felt the ideas were never good enough, never enough to solve that good vs perfect problem. I think in the end I went through about 12 designs for the site over several months time just to finally run with a design that looks like too many other sites. You should have seen the dark version!

But I’d rather talk about other aspects of the site than the color palette. The stuff that makes it work is new too and a considerable upgrade. I’m particularly stoked on the clean URLs, redirection to pages from the old site and a touch of AJAX in the CMS, all areas I hadn’t dealt with first hand in the past (WordPress takes care of the URL prettiness for me). Pretty URLs definitely beat ?’s and &’s and make people buy more, enough said. The new site starts over fresh content wise (other than the main page posts) which means all previous eperils, videos and radignars were dropped. Everything is archived at though. Any URL that doesn’t match content on the new site is checked against the archive and if it works there, that URL is given to the user. And what would a CMS be these days without some AJAX?

I mentioned the current photo set could be a preview of the new ES CA PE. I didn’t lie. Oh, and the site isn’t actually done done yet, just debut done.

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