It’s easy to get frustrated really quick when the websites you depend on are down for maintenance. But then when they go and let you know about the downtime in such a seemingly innocent way, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. It’s something I’m seeing more and more of on the web with all the popular web apps by smaller companies. I even have one though it was only up for about twenty minutes a couple months ago – I’m probably the only one that knew.

Of course it would be much nicer if the maintenance could be worked out on an internal server and there was no downtime at all eliminating a need for any error message. But I’m sure that is not always possible. These little companies have a youthfulness the big guys don’t (or at least are afraid to show) which allows them to make the web a friendlier place. I heard Flickr has/had some rather friendly messages that may soon disappear now that Yahoo! runs it.


  1. majafa 20050925

    it really sucks for me cause i’m a night owl. many websites decide to update during my peak internerd time…2 AM. More than a few times I’ve been playing games at my favorite online games site only to get a notice “in 15 minutes the site will close for maintainance.” and a certain instrument supply company seems to enjoy updating their site in the weee hours of the night/morning too. just when i want to browse their amps and guitars. pure crap i say.

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