The new hospital opening this fall has been filling my mailbox with a myriad of promotional materials. The most recent arrival mentioned that on average a person in the US watches 1,700 hours a television a year. That’s roughly 4.5 hours a day, which means my neighbor must spend more time staring at his television each day than a typical full time employee spends at work in order to make up for my lack of viewing. Thanks for taking one for the team, neighbor.

Worldometers has some dynamic numbers to watch at. Unfortunately it is world and not US so statistics in my mailing from the hospital won’t do much good for comparison. Regardless, the one I find most interesting it the number of hours spent waiting for the internerd to download this year – nearly 22 billion and we three months to go. Look at that number fly! Poor 56k’ers.

So next year, will that number be lower due to fewer 56k’ers or higher due to more people being online and heavier content? I’m saying higher, mostly due to more people downloading on slow mobile phone connections instead of their fast connections at home. But those other reasons are good ones too.

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