A while ago I saw this article about moving images around to show different parts of it at time. Made me think it might be fun for an animated sequence. Even longer ago I took a picture of myself doing a manual. Made me think it might be fun to do a sequence of me doing a manual.

Naturally, it didn’t work out as quick as I expected. First the photo taking process. My camera has a self-timer of about (yes, about; it’s slightly different every time) 10 seconds and no remote. When I did the first self portrait of the manual I did it at night holding a flash in my hand that I could trigger at the precise moment I wanted to so I could use a long shutter speed giving me a greater window to be in the right place when the timer went off. I think the shutter was open for 8 seconds or so. I didn’t want this one to be at night or use a flash for the exposure so getting the timing was a lot more difficult. Fortunately my camera does have a burst mode were it captures to images within about (again, about) 0.6 seconds of each other. Not quite the 8 second window that I had before, but better than only one shot. Additionally, fifteen seconds wasn’t enough to actually click the shutter button, get a long enough run in and complete the manual to get the last half of sequence. So they are faked – some I’m practically stationary doing a manual just to make sure I’m in the right place, the last couple the manual part was skipped completely. It took a lot of tries just to get these fourteen frames. You can probably notice the change in light as the sun went down.

Next, getting it on the site. I have always used the background property of an element to display photos on this site. Unfortunately, using this sliding technique, IE wants to reload the image every time it slides. I ended up changing a bit of the structure to allow for an img tag to display the content. Which meant a change in the CSS just for this sequence. I’m not too stoked on that one so it might be going away soon and not archived – laugh at it while you can. The other issue was file size. It uses one big image, in this case a 5264x300px image. Enjoy the wait if you are on a slow connection and just be happy I took out some color and detail to get it down to 262kb.

There are some glitches. Maybe I will work them out, maybe I will just take it down…

Bonus: You may consider this a bit of a preview for the new ES CA PE site.


  1. matches 20050919

    That is really, really cool. I like the way you did the sequence, and I think the A and the C are my favorites, but a great effect overall. HOWEVER, this does not work on this post page, maybe because the images are not going to the right path? Other than that I love it.

  2. waytoocrowded 20050919

    As I mentioned, glitches. That one was an easy fix at least. Thanks for pointing it out. Problem is it’ll be a mess to make it continue to work when switching back to the old format of display images up there.

  3. jb 20050920

    the fake-lomo effect strikes again!!!

  4. waytoocrowded 20050920

    A touch of fake lomo and a dash of blue emericization does wonders for masking the lack of quality in the originals. Arty!

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