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I’ve be using Konfabulator for a while now – for the Weather. That was the only widget I actually got any real value from. I left a couple other widgets in the Konsposé view just to make myself think I was using it closer to its potential. It was a lie though.

Recently I mentioned the mess that my desktop often becomes. The biggest culprit is tens of Notepad files, most with no actual content, just clever file names to remind me of stuff. I know there are applications out there to manage that sort of stuff, but I could never get myself into the habit of using them. It’s just too easy to make a quick file on your desktop.

After the clean up I decided I needed to avoid that again. And again. And again as it usually goes. Yesterday I was checking Weather and happened to remember the What To Do widget, another that comes with Konfabulator. It’s just a simple list that you can prioritize. It’s almost as fast as making a Notepad file, but it looks nice and goes away at the push of a button. And yes, my list is so sensitive that I really do need to blur the items.


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    I knew you were a secret agent spy! SPY!

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