Nike doesn’t only steal


They do some annoying things, but they are one of few companies that remind me how awesome Flash can be. One of many examples, the Run Hit Mix Master. Which points out another of those annoying things – I can’t link directly to it. Just go there and click Run Hit Mix Master.

And I pretty much hate Nike.


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    And in spite of all that, NIke continues to position themselves as the Apple of the athletic footwear industry. Always willing to experiment, push boundaries, and make some of the coolest stuff in their segment. Of course they get in trouble at times, and of course their breakthroughs often result in imitations far and wide, and of course there are the people that don’t like them for whatever reason, but their endless innovation (at least in their products, and usually in their marketing as well) is what keeps me coming back.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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