Music videos hate me


Sometimes I just can’t get enough music videos. Thank you once again, Internerd. But it seems the biggest providers of legal music video content just can’t seem to get it right – I shouldn’t have to use IE to view your content. MTV used to tell me they didn’t support me at all. Now they play their Starburst commercial and their branding piece and finish off with a blank space claiming to be ready. Yahoo! still thinks I’m using Netscape. And AOL, despite a bit of rumbling around the web about how great their new stuff is, won’t even find the video I want to see.

Do content protection fears from that other industry have anything to do with this? After all, it seems to only be media sites that have troubles supporting me, not the labels or artists themselves that decide to provide their content online.


  1. matches 20050909

    W3rd. I am happy with AOL because it actually works, onlike MTV and MSN (big surprise). How hard would it be to just make stuff default to Quicktime – you’ve got a better chance of someone having that than the right version of Media Player, I’d think.

    But then again, who said I wasn’t biased?

  2. waytoocrowded 20050910

    Once I got passed their clunky interface, all I got was audio and no video anyway.

  3. matches 20050910

    Agreed. That interface is pretty clunky. I thought it was very novel that they have an ‘html accessible’ version, not that it was any faster or worked any better.

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