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I made my first WordPress plugin tonight. It’s not much and is really just a modified version of the list_cats function to insert additional attributes in the anchor tag for each category. At this point it’s not exactly as I had intended as the attributes are hardcoded into the function, but it completes its intended task. See it in action (slightly modified to export p’s instead of li’s) in Matches’ archive. The original idea was to allow the function call to pass several strings to be used as different attributes or beginnings and ends to attributes to wrap around other function variables, such as the category name. Some issues with quotes and how to tell it which variable to put between the attributes made that not happen. Yet.

If you’re interested, download it.

Did you see? Two days in a row and everything is read!


  1. matches 20050902

    It works wicked-sweet (just like its name implies), so thanks again.

    Everything is read? Oh I get it. I thought you meant rad at first. Double congratulations then!

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