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I came across a bloggish site tonight that had a number of icons following each post title. I recognized the and AOL icons, but the third, a dialogue bubble, puzzled me. So I hovered it to find it linked to Conversate, a simple web-app to allow quick online discussions. Even get RSS feeds of the discussion from the looks of it.

Interesting. Another web app requires minimal information in order to use. They are popping up all over lately. It seems as people become more comfortable with being online, services are becoming more comfortable in offering their product. I like that. Those that don’t ease up on the name, email, address, phone number, etc. requirements to download a trial application or use a proprietary plugin or sign up for some sweepstakes are being phased out. It almost doesn’t matter how much I want something online, if the form to get it is overbearing, I skip out and google my way to an alternative.

Did you see? A gradient and a star badge. Instant success right there.


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    Doesn’t it seem like there’s a new web-related plugin/service/tech bandwagon every week to jump on? I mean the big ones like RSS and CSS and XHTML are admittedly useful, but it just seems so faddish in general. I guess internet is the new high school, but we are the in-crowd now, my standards-compliant friend.


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