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I have a decent stack of old magazines and catalogs and stickers and other various junk from skateboarding and snowboarding. Digging through them I came across the Autumn 2001 DNA Distribution catalog.

DNA (Alien Workshop, Habitat, etc)has a very distinct style that can’t be missed among a hundred other boards lining a skate shop wall. Unique. Interesting. Bold colors. Bold lines. Don Pendleton has long been praised for his work there. And I agree. There is a lot of great design in their archive of graphics. It’s funny though that regardless of my interest in design and general aesthetics, I didn’t remember a single on of these decks. Nor can I think of any other standout AWS or Habitat graphics. At the same time, I can think of quite a few Consolidated decks from the past. Maybe it has to do with the shreds on their teams.

I mention this all cause it was a nice refresher for me to get away from all the angled lines and gradients and drop shadows on the Internerd. Maybe I’ll even get through a project without relying on one of them some day.

Also, I added a new category just for this post.


  1. matches 20050829


    I kid. Those are pretty from what I can see.

  2. jbucki 20050829

    You didn’t mention their videos at all. To me, no company in skateboarding transfers their aesthetic and feel to film like the Workshop/Habitat videos. By far my favorite vids for some pre-session stokage. That last sentence was ‘hella Norcal brah’.

  3. jbucki 20050829

    huh, i just ran across this link on another site that i looked at immediately after posting that last comment. More Don Pendleton Goodness

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