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I like keyboard shortcuts. More time on the keys and less on the mouse make for a better experience. Tonight though I noticed in Photoshop that when using the type tool, to adjust font size, line height, kerning and so on, you can drag left and right over the icon immediately to the left of whatever property you want to adjust. The cursor even changes to a left-right arrow when you mouse over those icons so you know something special will happen yet it has taken me how many years to catch on. Why didn’t anyone tell me this back in the day? Perhaps this is new to CS, I’m not sure. The shift key acts in it’s standard mode too changing adjustments from one unit increments to ten unit increments. As I said, I’m all for the keys, but I can see this quickly becoming part of my work flow.


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    That’s pretty neat-o. It doesn’t seem to be functional on PS 7, so maybe not having the same versions at work and home has your brain warped. I like that you can use the scroll wheel on the mouse to set sizes as well if need be, not like that does me a damn bit of good here at home anyway.

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