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90fm is The Only Alternative. Then And Now with Wayne Edwards airs Sunday nights. Tonight the theme is songs featuring the bass. You have until 9:00 to tune in.


  1. jbucki 20050821

    you ever listen to Underground Garage? i used to listen to that late saturday nights when i was delivering pizzas. thinking about that show makes me miss delivering pizzas.

  2. hotspur 20050822

    Songs featuring bass? So it’s basically a show featuring Primus.

    Isn’t 90fm about to be killed by a cut-back in school funding that will no longer include a faculty advisor, causing them to switch to WI PBS radio programming—classical and jazz. You know, the same thing that happened to UWEC’s official college station back before I went there in ’97. Anyways, I saw that on waow’s website a couple weeks ago.

  3. waytoocrowded 20050822

    Not bass solos, prominent basslines. Breeders – Cannonball, Alice In Chains – Would, Queen – Under Pressure, The Cure, bunch of random stuff I’d have never thought of….

    90fm is not about to be killed. Supposedly the station won’t be changing programming despite funding. But I don’t know much about that whole issue.

  4. hotspur 20050822

    you said songs featuring bass, not songs with that just have neato bass lines. i was under the impression it was more of a jaco pastrious (however you spell his name), stanley clarke, and that guy from the rippingtons a.k.a. bass virtuoso type songs. so i guess something from the chili peppers was included, and ‘longview’ by green day and maybe that one leftfield song off the trainspotting soundtrack.

    it’s good 90fm isn’t going to die.

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