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Last post about snowboard websites. At least until the Program sites start launching.

Burton launched their 2006 site a couple days ago. I’m not a fan of Burton’s products or board graphics, but their marketing always makes me smile be it the print catalog, website, ads, video, whatever. It’s always executed beautifully and they never seem to hold back any dollars on it. As with the past couple versions of their site, the 06 site is not only a seamless blend of Flash and standards based design (well, almost standards) but also a stemless transition from one season to the next. So many sites completely recreate their look on redesigns — which I’m not saying I’m against, it’s just another option — whereas Burton seems to evolve. For instance, the text links style remains untouched from last season yet the additional information is an added bonus yet someone used to their site from last year would have no problem getting into this one.

The Color section was my favorite feature last year and returns enhanced with those informative rollovers, more options and engaging category names. The natural gripe though: can’t bookmark/send links to stuff due to it being one big Flash movie. What if Billy sets himself up with some dope steez during study hall and wants to send it to Hal to check out next period when he has study hall? Or send it to him on his phone while he is in class? Definitely a place were Permalink or Send to a Friend could be useful.

There’s a lot to be said about the Burton site. It squeezes so much information into a nice, usable package. Their catalog of product is probably the biggest of any snowboard company, yet their site might make it the easiest to find what you will suit your needs. Another quick example: the suggested setups. Nice touch.

Nope, this isn’t one of those sites that archives and reviews websites. I swear.


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    Billy and Hal? Man, you have some dorky friends.

    Cool tapes.

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