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Does anyone actually go File->Open anymore? When I’m using Windows, I always have an Explorer window open. When I’m using OS10, the slimmed down Finder is always in the background. Whatever I need to work on I find in there and double click, drag to the application’s icon or just select and hit cmd+o depending on my mood. If I need to edit some images, I drag them to Photoshop. If I want to add a bunch of songs to my media player, I drag the mp3s into the playlist.

I think I prefer this because it allows me to see all the files for a project, no matter the application they are associated with. And I can see more files at a time in a bigger window. The navigating around is much quicker. Plus, both Explorer and Finder are now able to display just as much information (or more) about any given file than it’s native app before opening it: file size, creation/edit dates, image dimensions, etc.

Even the applications themselves seem to be moving in this direction. Text editors have listed all the files in a project for easy access for a long time. Photoshop has had the file browser since version 7 or so and has now expanded it into the more encompassing Bridge. They are practically asking people to not use the Open dialogue. Spotlight and Virtual Folders are sure to deem it even less needed.

As a final note, I must say Finder and OS10 are definitely preferable to Explorer and Windows in this respect. Navigation through directories is smooth and the Dock makes dragging to any application quick. Also, ctrl+o in Explorer doesn’t work like cmd+o does in Finder.


  1. matches 20050816

    That’s a good point – it seems like now it’s just there for tradition. At the same time, seems like there are still quite a few computer-semi-literate people who use it because they haven’t learned the key commands or don’t really know about Windows Explorer.

    One of the reasons I think Finder is preferable to Explorer is because its usage is more emphasized. Explorer always seemed kind of hidden away from the casual user.

  2. puma 20050817

    I use File ->Open,,,and File ->Save for that matter. now I feel dumb. thanks alot.

  3. waytoocrowded 20050817

    Maybe it should have read “Am I the only one who doesn’t use File->Open anymore?”

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