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One of the big features the most recent and upcoming OSes have been touting is the concept of virtual or smart folders — folders that don’t actually contain any files, but display all the files on the system that match a query. It seems like a great idea and gave me an idea for a problem I tend to have with file management. Chances are this is something everyone knows and I was just off in my own world not realizing its existence, but in case there is someone else not in the know, here it is. And the back story.

I download many many mp3s from various record label sites, band sites, mp3 blogs, etc. Often times I’ll go to one site, download a song or two, then follow a link to another, download some more, and so on until I realize I just spent an entire evening downloading music that I will most likely hate all but two percent of. I used to save all these files to their own folder with the intention of eventually going through and moving the good to my music folder and the bad to the garbage. And that worked fine. But then I got lazy and didn’t want to have to do that process anymore. So I started saving directly to my music folder with the rest of my good mp3s.

When I went to listen to just the new songs I downloaded, I used the Windows search to find only files created that day or week or however long I needed. It then returned my new files to drag into my player and listen. Great.

Here’s were the virtual virtual folders come in. Turns out you can save these searches to where ever you want. Save it to your desired location, double click and you have results. It essentially functions as a virtual folder with not nearly the features. Plus, it couldn’t be used on the same scale due to how the searches are performed. I’m guessing it’ll only work decent when looking in one or two locations, not an entire system. So I’m definitely still looking forward to the real virtual folders but this works great for my music folder dilemma. To think I found out searches could be saved while trying to figure out how to write a script that would act as a saved search. Genius…

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