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Ever since the blog explosion in the late 70s, people have been quiting their jobs to spend the entire day clicking links and writing about them. There are plenty of words written about how to do this successfully and make a living from it. Just Google it — once you find one post about it you will be provided with a list of every other post regarding the topic either in the post itself or in the comments. They all seem to agree on a general set of rules: post regularly, provide unique content, have a focus, respond to comments, etc.

And that’s great indeed. It is clearly one way to become a successful blogger. However, I propose a better, easier, less time consuming way. Don’t post any real content and limit entries to no more than two sentences. As proof that this indeed works, I give you my previous post, titled No content. Of all the post on this site, that one has received the most comments and took the least bit of effort on my part.


  1. fulham 20050813

    honestly, before i even read your ‘how to be a pro blogger’ post i saw that the no content one was up to 7 comments and said to myself “the one time he doesn’t say anything at all and everyone comments on it”, it’s almost like everyone felt you needed content help so they brought their own to the table just for fun. i suggest to be successful websites should minimize the size of those out-of-place-looking white bars that talk about unread items blah blah blah…yeah you’ll never hear the end of it.

  2. matches 20050814

    I heard this tip from this other web pro that the title/logo in the site header ALWAYS should link to the home page. I bet that would really drive up your traffic.

  3. jbucki 20050814

    yo matches, did that web pro also tell you to make your title/logo header into a little blue and white question mark box?

  4. matches 20050814

    He did, but then I was like “isn’t that confusing” and he was all like “whatevs.”

    So then I changed it so it only does that for you. At least the favicon works on yours.


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