Seriously, it’s not broken


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No, it’s not clickable. No, there are no preferences for you to set. No, it’s not broken.

If you use Bloglines and Firefox, that bar above and on the previous two entries may look familiar. If you don’t, it’s understandably foreign. There’s a nifty Firefox extension for Bloglines for quick access to your feeds, update notification, simple feed subscription and so on. That image is a screen capture of my notifier at the time of posting. I try to keep track of a few blogs…

I know it’s useless. I know it’s confusing. I know it looks goofy. But that’s what the internerd is for. Just be glad I didn’t set it to make your cursor into a hand when you mouse over it. Besides, I’m sure it’ll go away in a couple days anyway when I get sick of the hassle and think of some other annoying thing to do.


  1. fulham 20050810

    bad. ugly. i’m anti the white lines. they stick out like a sore piece of um, html code. they look like errors all over the screen. booo. i’m going to a nice looking site…like andylaub dot com.

  2. matches 20050811


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