Not quite silent


I would have no problem with a constant stream of mourning dove cooing. Crows however are not my friends at 5am. And there seems to be a lot of them outside my window.

Remember that band The Verve? They had that one song a while ago. I don’t mind the sounds they make either.


  1. matches 20050806

    Crows are asses. We talked about that once upon a time, yes?

    I remember the Verve – Coldplay did that song with their lead singer at Live 8 – Chris Martin said it was “the best song ever written.” I have that CD with that one song also, but I don’t remember any of the other songs on it.

  2. se maj 20050807

    ha, the verve. i just listened to Idlewild for the first time in years. wow, now that’s a good band.

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