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Last post about snowboard company websites, I swear. At least for the time being.

CAPiTA finally launched their site the other day after a couple aborted countdowns and weeks of debugging (post dates of December, 1969? I think more debugging was needed…). They have some wicked riders on their team. Some of their profiles indicate they are using Union Bindings to hold their feet on their board. Having never heard of that brand I immediately googled it and got a crappy Japanese version of their catalog/buyer’s guide ad. “These bindings are dumb” I said out loud to no one and went on my way.

Then someone mentioned having yahooed it (yeah, yahoo does work as a verb). The first result takes you to the home of their incomplete website. Yippie… But interestingly, the second takes you to a page on the same domain even though that page isn’t linked from their home. As is, that link forces a download of their 05/06 catalog as a PDF. But drop the ?dl=5 from the URL and you get a page that provides links to all sorts of nice marketing propaganda. High res photos, .ai logo files (turns out Union Orange is PMS166, something every consumer needs to know), and, well, more high res photos. Sweet!

So is this info meant to be available to any schmuck online? I kinda doubt it. In this case, I don’t see how that information can really hurt anything, but it’s just a good reminder that if you don’t want just anyone to see it, password it. Or at least tell those robots not to index the stinkin’ page.


  1. matches 20050727

    I do like photos. Your nerdity benefits the world.

  2. se maj 20050728

    Curses. I never win. Even when I point out something cool that you don’t know about you always find a way to take it one step further (“…drop the ?dl=5 from the URL…”) and make it better. At least my yahoo finally beat your google, well except for the maps. oh, and as a reminder to matches, click my name.

  3. matches 20050728

    Don’t worry, I remembered. Read about the trials and tribulations of that little adventure here.

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