I think I missed my date and forgot the content


Every winter I think about skateboarding. Every summer I think about snowboarding. So it is fitting then that I recently made the rounds checking the status of various snowboard brands’ websites. It seems every year new sites along with new products hit earlier and earlier. If you don’t have your site launched by the middle of August before the magazines and videos start coming out, you’ve pretty much blown it. This provides a quick bit of fun for us web geeks that aren’t on a glacier or in the southern hemisphere shredding rad.

Along with the earlier launch dates comes earlier claims of target launch dates — dates that aren’t met. Ride Snowboards was claiming July 1st in early June. They missed it by at least a week. CAPiTA has already gone through two countdowns to their new site, now just leaving the explanation of working out bugs. That’s as bad as a “coming soon” tag.

Unfortunately hit dates are missed sometimes for any number of reasons — poor planning, feature creep, technical difficulties, etc. It seems to happen a lot in the snowboard/skateboard industry. Or maybe they are just more apt to publish their intended hit date or run a countdown whereas most companies keep that stuff internal so we don’t see when they miss a deadline. Or maybe snowboarders are just bad planners.

But you know what’s great? It’s snowboarding. It doesn’t matter. Sure there might be some business people within the companies that are pretty bummed on the late arrival of a site and what it might do to their image as a cutting-edge, core company, but I hope no one is getting too worked up over it. Maybe just keep the launch dates/countdowns/coming soons to yourselves next time so the kids don’t get bummed. Run some summer content like Forum is doing to keep the site from looking dead all summer. Content is way more captivating than a JS countdown.

Tomorrow, more about snowboard sites. Fun, yeah?


  1. matches 20050719

    When did Ride change their logo? And why? Was it too easy to tell what it was before? I sure hope that van over at Dwellers gets new hott graphix soon.

  2. wallace wallenson 20060426

    ha! dwellers.

  3. puddingcups 20060426

    hehehe snowboarding is a joke! It’s best to look at it that way then there is no way to get bummed about any of that business. otherwise “Occupied” great music …. maybe we should start a band someday, i don’t know… if you have time and only if you live hundreds of thousands of miles away. ps- it is so cool out here, you wouldn’t believe the metropolis that has been growing around medford. you’re totally missing out … or i’m missing you. tear.

  4. country 20060916

    snowboarding? pffffft. sounds like something i did in high school.

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