I’m a mute


Real rock bands don’t sing. Lately a renewed interest in Kinski, Turing Machine and Trans Am plus new-to-me Darediablo. Yeah, you can google them just as well as I can…


  1. jbucki 20050714

    i got a Trans Am album when i was in high school and it sounded like the type of music that robots would make. i haven’t really given them a try since then but im alot more into robots now than i was back in high school.

  2. waytoocrowded 20050714

    They were in a skateboard video back when I was in highschool. That’s how I first heard them. I think it was your video even. And it’s not robot music. It’s rock music.

  3. jbucki 20050714

    yeah that was a good song. thats why i bought their album, but i guess i got the wrong album or something. its funny cuz a couple of hours after i posted that comment up there, the song “robots” by kraftwerk came up on random on my ipod. that is some serious robot music man. they even made the effort to make their voices sound like robots. you would probably like that one.

  4. waytoocrowded 20050715

    They screwed up in the credits on that video. The song listed as Trans Am is actually “Five Corporations” by Fugazi. So go buy that album instead.

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