RSS + Firefox = Wheee!


The other day I mentioned how much I’m digging using Feedreader but might move to Bloglines for portability. Today I signed up and I’m thinking I should have just done this from the start.

One of the annoying things about Feedreader was following links. Maybe I just couldn’t get it configured to my fancy, but it’d try to open them within the reader instead of popping up my default browser. Subscribing to feeds required ctrl+c/v.

Bloglines and the Bloglines Toolkit extension for Firefox fix all those. Instant subscribing. Easy to open new tabs for links. And the UI is nice and works the way I’d expect. One thing it offers that a standalone app doesn’t is the ability to pull your list of subscriptions into your own blog. So maybe that will happen here sometime. But I often don’t like seeing that kind of stuff on people’s blogs., you’re probably next…


  1. se maj 20050713

    Huh? Sorry, you lost me. try this formula in upcoming posts: your posts = less tech talk +more fun. avoid the formula tech talk = fun. long live I.E. haha.

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