I was working on a project earlier today and went to retrieve some files from my old webspace on my school’s server. After many attempts to login via FTP feverishly trying every password I could think of, I tried accessing the site directly online. The result? 404 not found.

Where did it go? I never deleted it. Checked my school’s technology page and they upgraded that server and dumped all previous accounts June 22, 2005. The end of my life on the llc server. I no longer have a live ColdFusion server to play on. For whatever reason I feel like nearly my last connection to college is now gone.

My digital audio project Occupied : remodeling was still being hosted there so I moved it over to this server. It was created in November, 2002 – approximately two months before I found out how rad CSS is. Check out the site. Check out the HTML. Check out the CSS. Thankfully, it was the last site I created like that. Occupied : remodeling


  1. se maj 20050711

    oh booo. my link to your stuff on Trace Reddell’s page doesn’t work either.

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