Three things I hate about my digignar camera (well, pretty much all digignar cameras):

  1. Shutter lag
  2. Manual focus, well, isn’t
  3. Digital noise/color aliasing

Enjoy the noisy pictures. Blame the CCD. I tried a couple methods to remove the noise, but they didn’t really make me any happier.


  1. matches 20050707

    I always find it’s easier for me to blame the camera rather than trying to do anything about it. Your newest set has a bit of… hmmm… familiarity to it. Wait – that’s cause it’s in my backyard.

    Oh, I mean great shots! Awesome composition! You always do such great work! Brilliant!

  2. se maj 20050708

    I blame my camera for my bad pics I take. It’s always the camera’s fault…and for that matter, if I write a bad song it’s the guitar’s fault; if I fall walking the dog it’s the dog’s fault; if I can’t return the serve it’s the ball’s fault; and if my webpage’s design is crappy it’s Mr. One and Mrs. Zero’s fault. I alone am perfect. Humans are perfect. Everything else is below par. :)

  3. matches 20050708

    That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everybody.

  4. waytoocrowded 20050708

    Thing is I did try to do something about it. Different shutter speed/aperature/ISO combos. Different lens adapter. Different Photoshop techniques. After that, then I blame the camera.

  5. se maj 20050709

    Liar! You never learn. Deep inside after all that, you’re still blaming yourself. matches and I have no problem blaming equipment, but you…you always think that you can make it work by tweeking this or adjusting that. See, the problem is that you’re trying too hard…try my approach once. Attempt something once. If it doesn’t work the first try then accept the theory that it can’t be done because your equipment is just not capable.

  6. matches 20050711

    He does that all the time… always trying to …fix stuff.

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