My computer can store information


I mentioned finally diving into RSS and using Feedreader. It’s great. I should have started doing this years ago. But like my bookmarks, with Feedreader all the feeds are stored locally on my computer. Whenever I’m away from it it’s back to remembering URLs and hitting the sites individually. Booo.

Of course there’s solutions to that. For RSS, there’s Bloglines. For bookmarks, there’s There again, I’m just slow to join the fun. It’s not them, it’s me. I feel like storing and retrieving everything through a website will just add a layer of slowness to the things I do everyday. Right now a quick keystroke adds a bookmark. No highlighting and ctrl+c then going to a site and pasting it into a form (is that how it works even?). Though, there is likely to be a Firefox extension for to make that nearly seamless.

These online services do more than just store your information though, they store everyone’s! And give you access to it. Essentially they provide a whole new organization of information that search engines alone don’t. Which is great because it gives me one more thing to do to keep myself from being productive.

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