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The Internerd is fun for a few reasons. Firefox is of course one—have I said enough about it? Google is another. They just seem to be the best at everything they do. And the now free Google Earth makes me giggle. So fun.

Third. It’s easy to create your own stuff, like this site for example. A couple of my friends decided I was having way too much fun with my WordPress and DreamHost so they went out and got their own. Here’s my contribution to your Google ranking, homies.

Andy Laub
Andy likes design. Sadly, even the print kind. He has had a site for a while now but on a worthless host. Then he decided he needed comments so moved to something real. So go comment on his new blog/photoblog. And read his old stuff about cars.
Jason Bucki
Jason rides skateboards, points cameras at you and drinks beer. He is working on getting a piece of paper that acknowledges his geekery.

Maybe an archive would be nice someday so things don’t have to just fall off the bottom.


  1. matches 20050629

    And then, when your archive is done, you get to help me make one! WHEEEE!

  2. jbucki 20050629

    hey paul, how bout for your next blog entry, you right up a tutorial on how to make an archive.

  3. matches 20051013

    I’m looking at this and thinking how much all of our sites have progressed since this post.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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