RSS is the new black


But I say everything is the new black. Or pink. Or brown. Or whatever. But RSS really is, what with the whole Web 2.0 and content content content.

Part of the fun of blogs for me is the design. And seeing how it’s creating. And seeing the sites of the people that leave comments. The content, well, I usually just skim over that. So I never really bothered with the whole RSS thing. Firefox lets you bookmark feeds and displays the titles as normal bookmarks. I tried that out a while ago and forgot about it completely. I guess I wasn’t into it.

But now having this site using WordPress, which generates a feed automatically, I decided I wanted to know if my feed works. So I installed Feedreader. It comes presubscribed to a whole mess of feeds that I immediately deleted. There’s no way I want a window popping up telling my Yahoo! Entertainment just posted some new crap. I’m sure there are some settings to fix this, just haven’t gotten around to that yet, still busy subscribing to important content.

So I’m going to give this thing a try and see if it makes my life better. That’s what technology is supposed to do, right? Maybe I’ll miss clicking bookmarks to check for new stuff. Maybe I won’t. At least I know my feed is in working status.


  1. J.B. 20050627

    I usually enjoy reading your comments. Sadly, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about this time. Of course, as you stated above, you probably didn’t read this reply anyways and just clicked on the website I linked to. Oh well.

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