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I’m not a much of a sports fan and don’t have any interest in watching games, no matter the significance, on tv. Too boring, too many commercials and too many other things to do—like play on the Internet. Last year when the World Series was going on I checked out the carrying network’s live Internet broadcast. It was so much fun. A great example of using Flash and its backend abilities. They had a diagram showing where the last ball was hit, the pitches location, play by play announcements and so on. Plus, if I actually cared about the game I could keep that page open in one tab while taking care of more important business in my other tabs.

After that I told myself I had to be sure to check out live Internet coverage of all major sporting events. Then the Super Bowl came along and I completely forgot.

Well, tonight is game six of the NBA Finals. Its the forth quarter and I just remembered to check out ESPN’s website. Again, I forgot for the first five games—thankfully neither team won the series in that time or I would have missed it completely. Back to the point. Once again, the coverage is great. If it’s the facts of the game you care about I don’t see why you would want to bother with the television coverage. The ESPN site uses a slick combination of Flash, javascript and general markup to keep constant tabs on the game. You get last shot, game flow, play info and tons more. So much fun. I don’t know the significance of half that stuff, but the data presentation makes me smile anyway.

And, if you use Firefox, you can get rid of all those pesky ads on ESPN’s site.


  1. J.B. 20050621

    Ha. Some people like to actually see the players instead of watching dots made by clicking a mouse. but seriously, does espn have realtime flash updates for Wimbledon showing the court and where the balls landed and speed of serves? i haven’t checked yet, but your post reminded me to, since the site only shows real-time score changes, no cool graphics. booo.

  2. matches 20050622

    You put the nerd in internerd.


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