I used to play bass


I don’t really play bass anymore. I blame it on being bored with playing alone, but that’s probably a poor excuse because tons of others manage just fine. I should be recording some indie album on my computer. About eight years ago I played bass in a band called Food Warning. I know. Best name evgnar. Yesterday someone googled ["Food Warning" farning]. I know this because they ended up here, thanks to those mp3s and the h1 tag on this page I’m sure. Not many people knew us.

Which leaves me curious who was searching for that band and my last name? And didn’t even leave a comment?

I need to stop looking at my site stats. Or I need to get enough traffic that I don’t have time to notice every search string and referrer.


  1. jbucki 20050614

    man, i wish people would google search for me… seriously though, that is great. now thats got me thinking, what would people type if they were searching for me?

  2. matches 20050615

    It’s weird, cause I’m like, not the only one who comments any more.

    You’re ascending to popularity – soon you’ll be able to quit your job and blog full time, for money even. Only 999,998 more people need to start reading this!

  3. Showgirl 20050622

    well, a few things to say on that, even though it was days ago… first of all, jbucki, if you’ve never googled yourself or anyone/everyone you will potentially date/ sleep with/ work for/ meet, you are really missing out! sencondly, I am very proud to say that Food Warning played at my 16th birthday party. does that make me old school? i hope so.

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