The Internet is only as good as your browser


I’ve been using Firefox since February 2004. Its made me better at using and creating for the internet. I know, you’ve heard it a million times before. Hear it again. Never mind the general dislike for IE, Firefox is just more useful than any other browsers I’ve experienced. I use Safari a bunch at work. And while its fast, supports most standards and has some nice features, it lacks the customizable qualities of Firefox.

Point being, Firefox is great straight out of the box, but there are nearly unlimited things you can do with it to perfect your browsing experience using extensions. Here are some of my favorites.

Web Developer | screenshot
A developers best friend. Lets you view various information about a page, disable images/css/js/etc, highlight certain elements and so on. Learn about how a page was created or learn how others might see it.
Aardvark | screenshot
Breaks apart a page. Colorize sections, remove/isolate elements.
DICT | screenshot
Highlight a word, right click, get its definition. Things like country names will give you info on that country. Also lets you customize the CSS for the page that displays the definition. The markup isn’t great though so there’s not a whole lot you can do (formatting relies on a fixed with font and nbsp).
SpellBound | screenshot
Another dictionary type extension. This one checks the spelling of any form field. So theoretically I should never have typos on this thing…
ColorZilla | screenshot
Grab colors off the web and copy to clip board. Also provides size/location information of elements.
Fangs | screenshot
Shows how a screen reader sees a page. Good start for accessibility testing.
Live Http Headers | screenshot
Adds REQUEST/RESPONSE header information tab to the Page Info window.
Javascript Debugger | screenshot
Debug Javascript. Pretty code formatting too.
BugMeNot | screenshot
Avoid having to pay for newspapers or register for certain “free” sites all at the right click of a mouse.

Those are some of the extensions that make my browsing more fun. And nerdier too I suppose. There are a ton of other things that Firefox does that aren’t extensions. I’ll probably write about those soon, because it seems (like many others) I just can’t talk about Firefox enough.


  1. country 20060912

    i agree wholeheartedly. i started firefox last year and its true what they say, its all that and more. ie makes me sick, jus sick. Since using firefox and only firefox ive vehemently spreading the good news. viva la mozilla!

  2. country 20060916

    does BugMeNot work with firefox i would think and hope so…

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