Some things I saw this weekend

  1. The power of brand new tennis balls.
  2. Every imaginable shade of green courtesy of the Wisconsin landscape.
  3. Potential vision of the next es ca pe site.
  4. My next computer?
  5. A brand new computer that refused to power on.
  6. Downed trees and broken branches, one on top of a tavern.
  7. A full rainbow.
  8. A new McDonalds/BP road sign.
  9. A talking dog and charming baby.


  1. matches 20050606

    Family Guy + Apples + Tennis + Rainbows = perfect 4/4

  2. jbuck 20050608

    you are blogging now. that is neat.

Exploding throat veins

Exploding throat veins. 1 comment.

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