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So this is a blog now too. Another form of content for me to attempt to keep current. A number of years ago I tried to start a blog using Blogger but failed miserably. The first post was on 5/20/02. I didn’t bother to give it a title and it only said:

look, its free.

And that was all. Until 08/06/04 when I claimed I was going to start posting to it regularly. But I didn’t. I only made one other post several months later to test how images would hotlink from ES CA PE.

But now? Well, now I have my own domain name, a real host and a greater interest in playing with content. Which brings me to the point of this post. Its really just here to serve as dummy content while I work out this whole WordPress thing. And archives are awesome so its time to start building mine up.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights. 0 comments.

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